Zoe Corwin & William Tierney

diversifying Digital Learning

in conversation with Peter Taylor

Inequities in educational opportunity, projected shortages in the workforce, and the ubiquity of technology lay the foundation for Bill Tierney, Zoë Corwin and Amanda Ochsner’s co-edited book on digital equity and education. For the past 15 years, Corwin and Tierney have collaborated on research that examines pathways to college for low-income and minoritized youth.


Most recently, their work explores the role of technology in engaging youth in learning about college and supporting practitioners in expanding their impact. Join the authors in a conversation with ECMC Foundation president, Peter Taylor, as they discuss California’s current higher education landscape, barriers to promoting stronger college and career pathways, and opportunities to better serve youth.

Dr. Zoë Corwin’s research has examined college preparation programs and access to financial aid for underserved students, college pathways for foster youth, and the role of social media and games in postsecondary access and completion. Corwin directs the Pullias Center’s First in the World project funded by the US Department of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education which uses game-based strategies and social media to engage students in learning about college and following through on actual college steps.

Dr. Tierney is committed to informing policies and practices related to educational equity. He is involved in projects pertaining to the problems of remediation to ensure that high school students are college-ready, interactive web-enhanced computer games for preparing low-income youth for college, and a project investigating how to improve strategic decision-making in higher education.

Peter Taylor is the president of ECMC Foundation and has led $60 million of investments in initiatives affecting educational outcomes, especially among under served populations, in the areas of college success and career readiness.

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