Vanda Krefft Discusses

The Man Who Made

The Movies

with Dinah Lenney

Wednesday, December 6th 7:00 PM

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Through her scrupulous, in-depth research and evocative writing, Vanda Krefft not only reconstructs the lively rise of the Fox empire, but also reveals an intimate portrait of the man behind the extraordinary accomplishments. For all his far-sighted professional vision, William Fox was surprisingly old fashioned in his personal life: he adored and always remained faithful to his wife, Eva, whom he married at age twenty; he gave generously to many charities; and he yearned to ascend to the top ranks of social and cultural leadership. His tragic flaw was failing to recognize, despite abundant evidence, that America was never as good as he wanted it to be.

Vanda Krefft, a former magazine and newspaper journalist who has covered the entertainment industry for publications such as Elle and the Los Angeles Times, will be in store to discuss her new biography of William Fox, The Man Who Made The Movies: The Meteoric Rise and Tragic Fall of William Fox.

Discussing The Man Who Made Movies with Vanda Krefft will be Dinah Lenney, the author of The Object Parade and Bigger than Life: A Murder, a Memoir and co-editor Brief Encounters: A Collection of Contemporary Nonfiction with the late Judith Kitchen. Her essays and reviews have been published in a wide range of publications including The Paris Review Daily, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and Creative Nonfiction, and she serves as a senior editor for the Los Angeles Review of Books.