A night of crime

with authors tim hallinan and naomi hirahara

Tim Hallinan, author of the forthcoming NIGHTTOWN, and Edgar-Award winner Naomi Hirahara will tackle the ins-and-outs of crime fiction. It'll be a wide-ranging conversation about their works, the genre, and the perils, pitfalls and privileges of writing a series.

About the forthcoming NIGHTTOWN: 


Reluctant P.I. to the perfidious, Junior Bender, may be L.A.’s smoothest operator but when he breaks one of the cardinal rules of burglary (don’t take scores that you’re being paid way too much for) he finds himself once again on the wrong side of, well, the wrong side. 


Los Angeles burglar Junior Bender has a rule about never taking a job that pays too well: in the criminal underworld, if you’re offered more money than a job is worth, someone is going to end up dead. But he’s bending his rule this one time because he and his girlfriend, Ronnie, are in desperate need of cash to hire a kidnapper to snatch Ronnie’s two-year-old son back from her ex. The whole thing is pretty complicated and has Junior on edge.

"Everybody's go-to burglar in LA, takes on another job that doesn't smell right—it fairly reeks of talcum powder—and lives to regret it early and often . . . Highly readable."

Timothy Hallinan has been nominated for the Edgar, Macavity, and Shamus awards, and won the Lefty. He has written 21 novels, including Nighttown, the seventh book about Los Angeles burglar Junior Bender, and Fools' River, the eighth to feature Poke Rafferty, a Bangkok-based travel writer. The next Rafferty book, Street Music, will come out in 2019.

Naomi Hirahara is the Edgar Award-winning author of two mystery series set in Southern California. Her Mas Arai series, which features a Hiroshima survivor and gardener, ends with the publication of Hiroshima Boy in 2018. The books
have been translated into Japanese, Korean and French.

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