On (Re)reading Jane Eyre - The Chevalier's Chick Chat

"I am not an angel, and I will not be one till I die: I will be myself."

Jane Eyre. You've either read it or should be reading it.

Despite working at a bookstore and (OBVIOUSLY) knowing everything about every book to have ever existed in the history of the written word...there were a couple of us who hadn't read Jane Eyre just yet.

In our last Chevy Gal Pals bookclub we set out to rectify this egregious error.

Our final thoughts? You should read it. Or reread it. Now.



"Period England is probably my least favorite setting of all time, but...

I LOVED Jane Eyre. It’s deliciously dramatic and romantic in all the right ways, and the plot engrossed and satisfied me all the way through. The only way I can think of to accurately describe it is by dropping a bunch of quotes, but I don’t want to spoil any moment for you, so just read it!