10 of our favorite (not-so-tragic) love stories

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and you know what that means—

—time to reflect, appreciate, and pine after all the romances that were, are, and could be. At Chevalier’s we know there’s no better way to indulge your feelings (and get them trampled on) than a great book.

Check out these ten great romances to make and break your heart.


1. Less by Andrew Sean Greer

The irony of Less, is that it is so much MORE! It’s a midlife crisis, it’s a journey around the world, and yes, it’s a love story. As Arthur Less is about to turn 50, his long-time hook-up announces his engagement to someone else. To avoid the wedding, Less does something out of character: he says yes to every social engagement, no matter how ghastly. The rare book that’s fun, literary, uplifting… but most of all, Arthur Less’s awkward charm will steal your heart.