11 of our favorite LGBTQ Books for Kids and Teens

Being a teenager sucks.

Especially when you're not seeing your story told. (And told well.)

That’s probably why so many customers ask us about good books for teens and kids with LGBTQ characters. So, we did our research and found a whole bunch of new, exciting literature that represents gender identity and sexuality in authentic and diverse ways. Check ‘em out:


1. The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

This is the modern fairytale we’ve been waiting for. Meet Frances, a very talented seamstress and her most illustrious client: Lady Crystallia AKA the drag queen fashionista everyone’s talking about AKA the crown Prince Sebastian. This is a heartwarming, beautifully-illustrated story that delivers everything you want it to.


2. George by Alex Gino

George does not want to play the character everybody assumes they are playing in the upcoming production of Charlotte’s Web. What seems like a major road block becomes an opportunity for George to reveal herself for who she truly is. A super sweet and critically-celebrated middle reader debut by Alex Gino.