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Robert Hilburn PRESENTS...

paul simon: the life

Q&A AND Signing

When the Library of Congress established the Gershwin Prize in 2007 to salute contemporary songwriters who, in essence, best uphold the grand tradition of the Great American Songbook, its choice for the prize was Paul Simon.

Through four decades of enchanting music and tens of millions of record sales, publishers and music fans have hoped for a quality book by or about Paul Simon, but he has turned down numerous offers to write his biography and has refused to grant interviews to those who attempted a biography. He, too, has discouraged people close to him from speaking with writers.

This blackout is now over.

Simon has given Robert Hilburn, the LA Times music critic from 1970-2005, his blessings for what will be his definitive biography.  Simon’s importance rests in his artistry—and that artistry is the centerpiece of the book, but the songs take on an even more evocative edge once you know the personal journey that produced them. Simon’s music is so eloquent and accessible that it feels effortless, but you will learn of the struggle behind the songs and the stardom.

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