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James Reston, Jr. & Jack Walker
authors & Vietnam veterans
in conversation with activist Darryl Holter

Thursday, September 28th 7:00 PM

A Rift in the Earth, by James Reston, Jr., tells the remarkable story of the ferocious "art war" that raged between 1979 and 1984 over what kind of memorial should be built to honor the men and women who died in the Vietnam War. The story intertwines art, politics, historical memory, patriotism, racism, and a fascinating set of characters, from those who fought in the conflict and those who resisted it to politicians at the highest level. Mr. Reston was an assistant to Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall before serving in the US Army from 1965 to 1968. He is the bestselling author of seventeen books—including The Conviction of Richard Nixon: The Untold Story of the Frost/Nixon Interviews, which helped inspire the film Frost/Nixon.

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Mr. Jack Walker will be at Chevalier's as well, to discuss his personal journey through Vietnam and his book, Eye Corps: Coming of Age at the DMZ. Maybe you've wondered what it's like to spend your transformative years in a combat zone, or maybe you need to remember that L.A. traffic really isn't that bad, after all - either way, this story will captivate you. Walker was a Marine for four years and served for one in Vietnam as a recon patrol leader. Later, he graduated from Harvard Law School and joined Latham & Watkins in 1971.

Last, but certainly not least, James & Jack will be joined by Chevalier's very own Darryl Holter! Darryl is CEO of The Shammas Group, a group of family-owned businesses in Downtown LA. He is an Adjunct Professor in History at USC and has authored several books on labor relations. His most recent book is Woody Guthrie in LA, 1939-1941. He reviews books for Los Angeles Review of Books.