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In this instant New York Times bestseller, a young Loki is desperate to prove himself as a hero--and not the villain he's destined to become.


It seems that everyone around Loki suspects him of inevitable villainy and depravity ... except for Amora. Asgard's resident sorceress-in-training feels like a kindred spirit. But when Amora is banished to Earth, Loki loses the only person who saw his magic as a gift instead of a threat.


So when mysterious murders on Earth, in the backstreets of Victorian London, seem connected to Asgardian magic, Loki jumps at the opportunity to investigate. But while Loki's mission leads him back to Amora, it also makes him question what he really wants--and where the line between hero and villain really lies ...

Signed! Loki: Where Mischief Lies by Mackenzi Lee

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