Patt Morrison Presents...

Don't STop the Presses

in conversation with Robert Lloyd

Two of LA’s very own, in conversation! Chevalier’s is proud to announce that Patt Morrison, LA Times columnist and former host of the Patt Morrison Show on KPCC, will be joining us with Don’t Stop the Presses!: Truth, Justice, and the American Newspaper - featuring an in conversation with Robert Lloyd.

In Don’t Stop the Presses, Morrison showcases the importance of newspapers—in both words and startling imagery—and documents the impact of the medium. The press’s mission—as Morrison emphasizes—is uniquely set out in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” From the broadsheets of the American Revolution to the computer displays of the electronic revolution, from the age of street-corner newsboys in the days of the Hearsts and Pulitzers to the advent of legitimate online news sites, newspapers are the voices of a nation.

Robert Lloyd, the Los Angeles Times television critic since 2003, the previous music editor for the LA Weekly, and author of the Today column for the late Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, will be with Patt to discuss all things newspaper-related.

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