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The second book in this duology follows Kingston and his friends, who must travel through the Realm to save their world from destruction, readers will delight in adventures across ancient Egypt, New York in the 20s and 80s, and Southern Georgia. Starring Black and POC kids as the heroes of their own story, this duology is perfect for young readers looking for a fun escape.

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The genre-smashing adventures of Kingston and his friends returns in the final chapter of this exciting duology. Echoes of Magic picks up where the first book left off, with Kingston’s father still trapped in the Realm. Only this time, the stakes are even higher as Kingston, V, and Too Tall find themselves traveling through time―from Ancient Egypt to 1920’s New York―to save their beloved Echo City.


Kingston might have saved Echo City but the victory is bittersweet without his pops by his side. The holidays are approaching and if Kingston could have one wish, it would be to have his father, who is trapped in the Realm, come home. But as new problems arise and blackouts blanket the city, Kingston begins to have a persistent feeling of déjà vu, as if he's lived this same day before—and he has. Echo City living up to its name, is caught in a repeating time loop.


Maestro, his father's old rival, has found a way to overwrite reality with an alternate timeline where he rules overall. It will be up to Kingston, Too Tall, and V to find a way to enter the Realm and travel back through time to stop Maestro and save Brooklyn before it's erased for good.


Inspired by the magic of illusions, Rucker Moses conducted in-depth research on real 19th and 20th century Black magicians that has been woven into the series. 

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Rucker Moses is the pen name of Craig S. Phillips and Harold Hayes Jr. They both hail from Atlanta and started telling stories together at the University of Georgia. Together, they've been nominated for three Emmys for writing in a children's program and have written for TV shows based on books by R. L. Stine and Christopher Pike. They also make virtual reality experiences and own a production company named SunnyBoy Entertainment. In no particular order, their favoritethings to write about are ninjas, magic, space, and abandoned amusement parks. When not doing all that, they are hanging with their wonderful families at home in Los Angeles.  Visit

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Theo Gangi is a novelist and writing teacher based in Brooklyn. He's written several acclaimed novels and short stories, and he's worked on shows for Netflix. He writes far-out adventures that happen right next door. He directs the MFA program at St. Francis College and lives with his wife, young son, and their dog. Kingston and the Magician's Lost and Foundis his first book for young readers. Visit his website at