Dodgers Fans Rejoice!
Ned Colletti In-Conversation
with the Los Angeles Times' Houston Mitchell

Wednesday, October 11th 7:00 PM

Former Dodgers General Manager and current senior adviser to the President of Baseball Operations for the Dodgers, Ned Colletti will be joining us to discuss his tenure as the Dodgers GM and perhaps give us some insight into why the Dodgers haven't won a World Series since 1988. The Big Chair delves into the ins and outs of the backhouse of a contemporary baseball team, giving us fans a glimpse into the inner-workings of a consistently playoff-bound franchise, prone to slipping at the last possible second. Terry Francona calls The Big Chair an, "engaging, honest, accurate and... great read."

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Houston Mitchell, an assistant sports editor and host of the Sports Now blog for the Los Angeles Times, will be posing questions to Mr. Colletti, for instance: "Will the Dodgers ever win another World Series?" or "Some Angelenos were born in 1988 and have never gotten to see the Dodgers win a Series - how can we fix this predicament?"

Read Mr. Houston's recent article, "The ship is sinking but the Dodgers keep paddling".