Wednesday, January 17th 7:00 PM

Marie Reginato:

Alternative Vegan:

Healthy Plant-Based Recipes That Break the Rules

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If someone told Marie Reginato 10 years ago that she would write a book for flexible vegans, study Agricultural Business, and run an Instagram with over 70,000 followers that was feted by MindBodyGreen as one of the “best healthy food accounts,” she would be very surprised.

Marie came from a family of fishermen and butchers, and ate Twinkies for breakfast.

That all changed after a fateful trip to Italy, where Marie befriended a local family during her studies. They taught her the basics of honest cooking—buy only enough fresh fruit and vegetables to last you a few days, eat only the foods that you truly love—and she never looked back since.

Alternative Vegan: Healthy Plant-Based Recipes That Break the Rules is the culmination of Marie’s journey. It is Marie’s food philosophy expressed in over 75 recipes: veggie rich, with pathways to swing between vegetarian and vegan in most cases, along with options to add fish and eggs. It dispenses with food banishment and limitations, and instead puts the reader in the driver’s seat on their journey to food that is both nourishing and bursting with flavor.