Sunday, November 5th 11:00 AM

Madeleine Sherak, PhD.
Superheroes Club

Lily is just a regular kid with a huge heart who rallies her friends to form a Superheroes Club to help other kids in school and in their communities. She explains that it's not how you look, but what you do that makes you a superhero. It doesn't have to be hard to help others; opportunities are everywhere you look. So Lily inspires and empowers her friends to find the heroic potential that each of them possesses.

Dr. Madeleine Sherak holds a PhD in Comparative Education from the University of Maryland and a California teaching credential in secondary math. She is presently on staff at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where she is a field supervisor of student teachers in their teacher education program. The Superheroes Club series illuminates the need to help young children understand empathy and empowers them to take action.

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