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Dearest readers,

Almost six years ago, we took ownership of Chevalier’s Books for ourselves and our community. When people heard we were buying a bookstore, they told us we were nuts—bookstores were going out of business everywhere and besides, “No one reads anymore.”

Naysayers aside, we jumped in with both feet and two checkbooks. We remodeled the store, expanded the inventory ten-fold, and hired the knowledgeable and diligent staff you know and love.  In the last six years, we’ve enjoyed hosting authors, serving our neighbors and finding the perfect book for everyone, from newborns to great-grandpas. We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished and are grateful to all of you for supporting us.

But in March, Covid-19 hit. Like most retailers, our sales fell about 40%. A PPP loan, a dedicated staff and loyal customers kept us just afloat. Then our new landlords announced we would not be able to extend our lease and required us to be out of this space by the end of the year.

So, Chevalier’s Books is now at a crossroads.

We’ve located a vacant space on Larchmont that could be a new home for us, but the rent there will be more than double what we currently pay. There will also be significant moving and design costs. It will be a huge financial undertaking for us, made even more daunting by the uncertainty that Covid-19 poses for our business and everybody’s lives.

We are now asking you to help keep Chevalier’s Books a part of the Larchmont community.

As the holiday season approaches, we ask you to consider making us your one-stop-shop for all your bookish needs. Consider buying a gift certificate for yourself or your loved ones, join our Friend’s of Chevalier’s membership program, buy a Chevalier’s t-shirt. If we are all in it together, we can continue to have a first-class independent bookstore in our neighborhood. How rare and wonderful is THAT?

Please let us hear from you at, or better still in person at the store (as you are buying books, of course)! We’re eager to hear any ideas you might have to help Chevalier’s remain and prosper.
Always grateful,
Bert & Darryl
and your beloved Chevalier’s staff

How can you support Chevalier's Books?

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