Kathline Carr & Nicelle Davis, Reading, 
In-Conversation, Signing

Tuesday, October 24th 7:00 PM

There's hardly a feeling more freeing than soaring through the clouds in a dream - but how quickly those dreams seem to devolve into nightmares (especially around Halloween). Kathline Carr's novel Miraculum Monstrum is an epic hybrid narrative about Tristia Vogel, a female artist who experiences a radical physical transformation, beginning with the excrescence of apparent wings. Though she is possibly an anomalous mutation resulting from worldwide ecological upheaval, the bird/woman is co-opted by a religious cult that claims to have prophesied her experience; she is thus written as the central figure of their scriptural text. Kathline Carr is the  winner of the 2015 Clarissa Dalloway Book Prize. Carr’s writing and art have appeared in Alexandria Quarterly, Calyx, Connecticut Review, Hawaii Review, Earth's Daughters and elsewhere.

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She will be joined in-conversation with Nicelle Davis, California poet, collaborator, and performance artist whose poetry collections include The Walled WifeIn the Circus of YouBecoming Judas, and Circe. Her poetry film collaborations with Cheryl Gross have been shown across the world. She is the creator of The Poetry Circus and collaborator on the Nevermore Poetry Festival.