Tuesday, November 7th 7:00 PM

Pulitzer Prize-winning Reporter Jesse Eisinger
In Conversation with David Scheper and Richard Drooyan

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It'd be funny that no corporate executives were prosecuted following the financial crisis if it weren't so sad. The Pulitzer Prize-winning, ProPublica journalist Jesse Eisinger will give us a glimpse into why we walked away without anyone to blame after one of the most extraordinary market devaluations in recorded history. He will be joined by attorneys David Scheper and Richard Drooyan.

The Chickenshit Club begins in the 1970s, when the government pioneered the notion that top corporate executives, not just seedy crooks, could commit heinous crimes and go to prison. The book travels to trading desks on Wall Street, to corporate boardrooms and the offices of prosecutors and F.B.I agents. These revealing looks provide context for the evolution of the Justice Department’s approach to pursuing corporate criminals through the early aughts and into the Justice Department of today.

In conversation with Mr. Eisinger will be David Scheper, a former Assistant US Attorney (1987-1999) who served as Chief of the Criminal Division and has been recognized as a "Southern California Super Lawyer", along with Richard Drooyan, a former Chief Assistant US Attorney who supervised the Criminal, Civil and Tax Divisions, and conducted an extensive political corruption investigation involving the political activities of W. Patrick Moriarty.