Tuesday, November 14h 7:00 PM

Jefferson Morley Discusses James Angelton

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If you've never heard of James Jesus Angleton, you're not alone - but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of him. James Jesus Angleton was one of the most powerful unelected officials in the United States government in the mid-20th century. Beginning in World War II through the Cold War, Angleton operated beyond the view of the public, Congress, and even the president. He unwittingly shared intelligence secrets with Soviet spy Kim Philby, who may have been his lover. He launched mass surveillance by opening the mail of hundreds of thousands of Americans. He abetted a scheme to aid Israel’s own nuclear efforts, disregarding U.S. policy. And, as if all of that isn't enough, he committed perjury and obstructed the JFK assassination investigation.

In The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton, Jefferson Morley, a journalist and editor who has worked in Washington journalism for over thirty years, fifteen of which were spent as an editor and reporter at The Washington Post, tells Angleton’s dramatic story, from his friendship with the poet Ezra Pound through the underground gay milieu of mid-century Washington to the Watergate scandal. From the agency’s MKULTRA mind-control experiments to the wars of the Mideast to his legendary mole hunt, Angleton wielded far more power than anyone knew.