Monday, October 30th 7:00 PM

Your Worst Nightmare:
Hitler in Los Angeles
Steven J. Ross In-Conversation with Jon Wiener

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We've all wondered what kind of dystopian universe would exist if the Nazis had won WWII, but few of us know that fascism was fascinated with Hollywood and set-up shop in our backyard. Ready to be horrified? Steven J. Ross is going to share Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Nazi Plots Against Hollywood and America, detailing how no American city was more important to the Nazis than Los Angeles, home to Hollywood, the greatest propaganda machine in the world. The Nazis plotted to kill the city’s Jews and to sabotage the nation’s military installations: plans existed for hanging prominent Hollywood figures; for driving through Boyle Heights and machine-gunning as many Jews as possible; and for blowing up defense installations and seizing munitions from National Guard armories along the Pacific Coast. Still not excited? Check out this review in the NYT for more riveting details. This event is co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Review of Books.

He will be joined by Jon Wiener, the host and producer of “Start Making Sense,” The Nation’s weekly podcast. He teaches US history at UC Irvine, and his most recent book is How We Forgot the Cold War: A Historical Journey across America.

Steven J. Ross, a professor of history at the University of Southern California and author of the Pulitzer- nominated Hollywood Left & Right, is the son of Holocaust survivors. He writes about the world of his parents and the millions of Jews who found themselves terrorized by Nazis and fascists not just in Europe, but also in the United States. For instance, in the Pacific Palisades.