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The book’s insights and guidance will help readers successfully express themselves as effective audio storytellers, whether for business or pleasure, or a mixture of both.


Veteran podcast creator and strategist Eric Nuzum distills a career’s worth of wisdom, advice, practical information, and big-picture thinking to help podcasters “make noise”—to stand out in this fastest of fastest-growing media universes.
Nuzum identifies core principles, including what he considers the key to successful audio storytelling: learning to think the way your audience listens. He delivers essential how-tos, from conducting an effective interview to marketing your podcast, developing your audience, and managing a creative team. He also taps into his deep network to offer advice from audio stars like Ira Glass, Terry Gross, and Anna Sale.

"Where should you begin your podcast career? With this no-nonsense book. Deep advice boiled down to clear ideas."

— Esther Perel, host and co-executive producer of Where Should We Begin? and How’s Work?

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Eric Nuzum is considered a leading “go-to” expert in audio, podcasting, radio, and spoken word entertainment. He led NPR’s podcasting efforts in 2005 and remained its leading creative and strategic force for a decade. He brought programs like Fresh Air with Terry Gross, Snap Judgment, and Wait, Wait...Don’t Tell Me into the podcasting ecosystem and helped them become iconic hits. He developed some of NPR’s most successful podcasts, including TED Radio Hour and Invisibilia. 

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Most recently she hosted and produced over 60 episodes of The Longest Shortest Time for Stitcher. On the show, she told the stories of kids and families while occasionally exploring her own journey towards becoming a parent.

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