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Monday, December 7 at 7:00PM

22 Minutes of Unconditional Love


in conversation with LAURA KIPNIS

A novel of unsurpassed candor, punctuated by bold ruminations on love, marriage, family, sex, gender, and relationships, 22 Minutes... depicts one woman's psychological descent into sexual captivity. 

As Daphne Merkin's audacious new novel opens, a wife and mother looks back at the moment when her life as a young book editor is upended by a casual encounter with an intriguing man who seems to intuit her every thought.

Convinced she's found the one, Judith Stone succumbs to the push and pull of her sexual entanglement with Howard Rose, constantly seeking his attention and approval. That is, until she realizes that beneath his erotic obsession with her, Howard is intent on obliterating any sense of self she possesses. As Merkin writes, his was "the allure of remoteness, affection edged in ice." Escaping Howard's grasp--and her own perverse enjoyment of being under his control--will test the limits of Judith's capacity to resist the siren call of submission.

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Daphne Merkin is the author of several books, including the essay collection The Fame Lunches and the memoir This Close to Happy. She is a former staff writer for The New Yorker, and she is widely published in The New York Times, Bookforum, Travel + Leisure, W, Vogue, Elle, and other publications. She has taught writing at the 92nd Street Y, Columbia University, Marymount College, and Hunter College. She lives in New York City.

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in conversation

Laura Kipnis is a cultural critic who writes on sexual politics, emotion, acting out, bad behavior, and various other crevices of the American psyche. Her latest book is Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus; previous titles include Men: Notes from an Ongoing Investigation and  Against Love.