Tuesday, November 28th 7:00 PM

Clifford V. Johnson in Conjunction
with the Los Angeles Review of Books
Presents: The Dialogues
+  In Conversation with M.G. Lord

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Clifford V. Johnson thinks science should be on our daily conversation menu, along with topics like politics, books, sports, or the latest prestige cable drama. In The Dialogues: Conversations About the Universe, Johnson invites us to eavesdrop on a series of nine conversations, in graphic-novel form—written and drawn by Johnson—about “the nature of the universe.” The conversationalists are men, women, children, experts, and amateur science buffs and topics range from the science of cooking to the multiverse.

Clifford V. Johnson, Professor of Physics at the University of Southern California, gives many public lectures about his research and appears often in television documentaries as an expert. He has been science advisor for several movies and television series, including Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok and the National Geographic Channel’s Genius. Dr. Johnson received the Maxwell Medal & Prize from the Institute of Physics, "For his outstanding contribution to string theory, quantum gravity and its interface with strongly coupled field theory; in particular for his work on understanding the censorship of singularities, and the thermodynamic properties, of quantum spacetime."

He will be in conversation with M.G. Lord, the author of Astro Turf, a family memoir of aerospace culture during the Cold War.  She also wrote The Accidental Feminist: How Elizabeth Taylor Raised Our Consciousness and We Were Too Distracted By Her Beauty to Notice and Forever Barbie: The Unauthorized Biography of a Real Doll.  After graduating from Yale, she spent more than a decade as a syndicated editorial cartoonist based at Newsday.