Debbie Chesebro

& Karen Bu

Provide a Creative

Way to Release All

Your Political Angst with

Alternative Facts:

An Adult Coloring Book

Sunday, January 21st 6:30 PM

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Alternative Facts is a political adult coloring book, illustrated by Karen Bu and dreamt up by Debbie Chesebro, covering the bizarre turn of events in America since the 2016 election. Inside are 44 beautifully detailed black and white illustrations depicting everything from the Inauguration, the Women's March, the "Bowling Green Massacre" and our own set of Russian Collusion Dolls. Each illustration is paired with an actual fact related to that image. Take your frustrations out on Bannon, Kellyanne, McConnell and of course, Trump - color them how you see fit. And for some inspiration, there are portraits of the resistance fighters who continue to stand for what's right - Bernie, reporters, park rangers, Gov. Jerry Brown - and you!

The sale of this book will support various organizations and charities that have been and will be negatively impacted by the current administration as the creators are donating a percentage of their proceeds. Visit their website for more information.