Sunday, September 13th 7:00 PM

Ben Loory Reads from Tales of Falling and Flying, PLUS  an In-Conversation with Amelia Gray

Ben Loory, critically acclaimed author of Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day and contributor to The New Yorker and This American Life, will be reading from his forthcoming book of short stories Tales of Falling and Flying.

Afterward, Mr. Loory will be in-discussion with Amelia Gray, whose writing the Los Angeles Times described as, "akin to the alternately seething and absurd moods of David Lynch and Cronenberg." Her most recent published work is Isadora, an imaginative portrait of Isadora Duncan.

Want to hear Ben Loory on This American Life? Of course you do. Listen Here.

While you're at it, sit down and read Amelia Gray's "Hostage".

Aimee Bender says the stories within Tales of Falling and Flying are, "so bizarrely readable they don't even feel like they're made of words," and Ron Carlson described them as, "a squid that fell in love with the sun." Read a Q&A with Ben Loory concerning the new book of short stories before you see him in-store.

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