Thursday, September 7th 7:00 PM

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        First up, we have the current Wallace Stegner Fellow in Poetry at Stanford University, Charif Shanahan. Called "a vital and profound new voice" by Publisher's Weekly after releasing his refreshingly raw Into Each Room We Enter Without Knowing. If you can't wait 'til Thursday to hear him, listen to his poem, "Gnawa Boy, Marrakesh, 1968" right this second.

        Next, we have Victoria Chang - the recipient of a 2017 Guggenheim Fellowship - reading poems from her California Book Award-winning The Boss. Being steeped in the world of Wall Street (think Morgan Stanley & Booze Allen & Hamilton), you'd think Ms. Chang would be familiar with a life of excess, but instead she offers concise, poignant poems about the industry we all love to hate.

       Bringing the evening home is another currently CA-based author, Siel Ju, who recently published the Red Hen Press Fiction Manuscript Award-winning, Cake Time. Get a taste for some of the decadence in store by reading her story "Sutures" from the literary journal Juked.