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Greeting’s from your neighborhood bookstore!


As we enter the last week of Christmas, we wanted to reiterate some store policies, especially with the rising rates of COVID-19 in our community. Currently, as per city regulations, we are operating the store at 20% capacity. Here's what to know:


  • No more than six people in the store at a time. This head count includes children. We ask that if you find the door closed, you remain outside in an orderly line, six feet from your neighbor as is marked on the sidewalk.

  • Consider curbside pickup as an option. This will help minimize the risk of exposure for everyone — including our staff. Simply call us with your book order, we’ll fill it to the best our ability, and when you come to the storefront, call us again and let us know you’ve arrived. We are always happy to provide recommendations as well as a copy of our holiday gift guide if you’re looking for ideas.

  • Chevalier's gift cards are only redeemable via store purchases. They are not valid for purchases or online purchases.  Bookshop is a business affiliate, not an extension of Chevalier’s . We’re sorry for any confusion concerning this matter. We are always available to take orders by phone or email and always happy to make recommendations based on customers’ needs.

  • Contacting us. In all honesty, we are swamped. We are behind on our emails, for which we apologize; if you need to reach us sooner rather than later, by phone is currently the better option. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We are still going through our email, of course, and will always respond to our customers. Thank you for your patience in this.

  • We're moving...and are going to be closed for a bit. Finally, please be aware that we will be closed for a week after Christmas in order to move to our new location. With that in mind, we will no longer be taking special orders (I.e. ordering books not currently in our stock) past the 21st. This is only a temporary measure. Once we’re settled in our new location, we’ll be more than happy to start special ordering books again. 


Thank you again for your support of Chevalier’s. If there is one silver lining to this year, it’s in our rediscovery of your love and support for books and local bookstores. 

Please take care this holiday season and, as always, happy reading!

The Chevalier's Books crew





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